We are proud to introduce you to The Michael Swift Team. Here you will meet a group of real estate professionals that are able to provide world class service due to the TEAM dynamics that have been put in place. Deadlines are met and tasks are accomplished because everyone is able to support one another. Most Realtors are stuck "doing it all" and that takes away from their clients. We pride ourselves on being able to fully represent you while you purchase or sell your home.


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The Michael Swift Team

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Faith Swift

Faith graduated in 2001 from AUI with a Bachelor of Science in General Engineering with a Major in Computer Networks and a Minor in Mathematics. She is Fluent in French, Italian, English, and Arabic. Through fourteen years work experience in the real estate business, she acquired excellent proficiencies in sales administration, real estate sales transactions totaling 6,300 transactions, and mortgage acquisition. She also acquired expertise in sales management, key account management, team management, and strategic business development.

Faith was a Branch Office Manager for four years where she specialized in mortgage lending under government supported programs and construction.  Comfortable with objectives and new challenges, Faith then joined a real estate industry leader which has given her special insight as to how the home buying process works from both sides of the transaction.

Faith moved to Nashville in 2013 and nothing was more natural for her than to join The Michael Swift Team, a team that shares her passion for real estate. 

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Lori Rowton

I started in real estate 20+ years ago as an apartment locator.  I began to develop quite a referral business when people I placed in an apartment would call me back to help them purchase a home.  I didn't sell homes, as I was a locator, so I referred them to a real estate broker friend of mine whom I trusted.  That broker asked me to come work for him, but I opted to do loans for his mortgage company instead, because I LOVED the numbers part of the process.  Finding the right mortgage for someone is like solving a puzzle.  I was in the position to move to Los Angeles to write screenplays and got out of the business for a while.  My husband and I were in a successful touring band and had the opportunity to move back to Nashville, which is where our band is based out of for touring.  After Covid-19 hit, we had to come off of the road.  I was in a position of deciding what I wanted to do and there was only one answer for me:  I wanted to work with The Michael Swift Team.  I've known Michael personally and professionally for almost 20 years.  There is no one in the business for whom I have more respect.  I LOVE real estate and the entire home buying process.  I am good at it.  I am respected for it, and this is what I want to do (in addition to touring with my band).  It makes me joyful to be able to work with Michael and Faith.  We are friends and respected colleagues, and I trust them with my clients.  There is nothing better than to be able to say,  "I trust you" and to mean it.  There could not be a better environment for me to service my clients than right here with The Michael Swift Team.  It makes the process a joy for me, and that carries over to our client's experience!

Michael Swift

The Michael Swift Team

Michaelhas been a professional realtor for 15 years and holds a degree in Political Science from MTSU along with an Economics Minor and Pre-Law concentration. Michael is determined to build and grow a real estate company that is unlike any agency in the country. Michael was born and raised in Nashville which gives him an above average understanding of the area real estate as well as the local economic infrastructure. Michael started in new construction as a top builder representative and was previously a residential contractor. Whether you are wanting to build a home or move into existing home you are in good hands with Michael and The Michael Swift Team.

​​Michael is the CEO of The Michael Swift Team that has been expanding in the Nashville area year after year. Over the years he has gained the experience and knowledge necessary to offer a successful team environment.

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